They Just Don’t Get It

Just listened to Roger Goodells press conference and the talking heads afterwards, they still don’t get it.

Mr. Goodell said that the owners and players had a “meaningful conversation” about player issues and the owners decided no punishment for players, just a suggestion they stand.

No mention of discussion about fans and their concerns or the belief that players should stand and save their politics for their own time.

Everything centers around billionaire owners and millionaire players but no “meaningful conversation” about the fans.

I was hoping the owners would say enough is enough, obviously none of them get it.

Buh Bye NFL, guess I’ll continue to do something else on Sundays….idiots.

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  • Edsss says:

    The other side of the coin that is equally appropriate demonstrates ‘Merika conservativism/patriotism displayed in the photo circulating about the Internet showing a section of an audience in a football stadium during the playing of the National Anthem. Some are standing, some standing with hands over hearts and some standing holding signs saying “Stand Up”. What a display of utter hypocrisy! There is your common run of the mill ‘Merica conservatives/patriots!!!!! They pay the outlandish ticket fees and cable fees to attend and watch the games (and thus support and pay the players’ salaries) instead of boycotting and hold up cheapo signs they probably purchased from some rag head in the parking lot. That’s ‘Merica today in a nutshell folks!! Fake conservatism!!! Fake patriotism!!!

    • Basket O' Deplorables says:

      Fuck the NFL, the billionaire owners, millionaire players, and tax funded stadiums. The ratings are in the toilet and with that the advertisers money drying up. Good riddance!

  • bart simpsonson says:

    I believe the owners and movers and shakers of the nFL are afraid of the America-hating players, and do not know how to deal with them, particularly given that ANY criticism of their actions, or the actions of the bLM types is met with charges of raaaaacism, because slavery, don’tcha know. Just sit down STFU and take it. And oh, by the way, we need a new stadium. Or we are taking our balls and going somewhere else where the city government will dance to OUR tune…..

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