Quiet For A Few Days

It just doesn’t seem appropriate to be posting snark, sarcasm, and shots at the left right now, the tragedy in Vegas is still weighing heavily on my mind.

It’s too soon to start questioning what’s being offered up by law enforcement about the shooter and in respect for the victims I’ll not delve into it today.

But somethings not right.

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  • P in America says:

    The left will take up the slack and attack inappropriately. They will try not to waste the crisis.
    It is right to wait.

    You are right. Something is not only not right, but it seems like something is very wrong.

    Carry on. Prepare yourself. Wait until you believe it is right.

  • Cosda says:

    Yeah. It just doesn’t seem that this bozo could have pulled this off alone and without someone catching on that he was up to no good.

  • Andrew says:

    Never underestimate the ability of one person to pull off something incredibly stupid and harmful to a lot of people. (Having shot a Carcano rifle, I do believe LHO did JFK all by his lonesome. Really nice rifles, by the way.)

    Though there are suspicious things, like the girl warning people, the strange girlfriend, the wiring of money, the extreme gambling spree (seen before in suicide jihadis before their deaths.)

  • Paula says:

    Yes, Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. RIP, fellow Americans. Thank you, Heroes among us.

  • leeholsen says:

    good decision,

    guy I know ha s trip planned to vegas for his birthday and I am telling him to eat the costs and go at least two weeks later once normality resumems and they are not doing memorials when you are trying to celebrate; it’s going to be the most depressing celebration you ever have.

    personally, I have been enjoying the baseball playoffs; but I do not switch to news coverage of vegas while watching or its instant depression. I am not sure if that is right or not, but I have spent a decade being depressed in the news since 8-11 and the govt routinely has done nothing; I’m done being depressed over things the govt will not give anything but lip service.

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