Fragile Loyalties

Even conservative firebrands can’t escape one of the seven….greed.

And a good guy gets caught up in the mess. Sad.

But again, CR has a problem.  As an outcome of their Never Trump positions, their influence, including the influence of Mark Levin and Amanda Carpenter, has continued to diminish.  CRTV was poorly launched by Levin into the headwinds of a Trump surge.   CRTV was on track to be a bottomless pit of hopeless financing for billionaire Katz with no-upside, no viewership and no influence.

That’s why CRTV needed a guy like Mark Steyn to pull in the pro-Trump audience who had already dropped most of the CR team from sight.

However, ultimately after spending quite a bit of his own money to launch the program, and discovering CRTV was not going to compensate him for any of the expenses, Steyn sued and  CRTV dropped him.

Looking at responses to on-line articles of the dust-up, it’s obvious massive cancellations of subscriptions followed Steyn’s exit.   An already tenuously existing media enterprise was set for collapse.

What happened next…

PRESTO !  Mark Levin rushes quickly to the spotlight that is President Donald Trump and hopes the heavily scripted and constructed support therein will drum up some attention and viewership.   here….

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