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California alerting illegals to come get free Medicare/Medicaid benefits even though illegals are not eligible.


Actual American CITIZENS paying for the free or inexpensive healthcare of others.


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Government Created The Healthcare Mess And You Expect Them To Fix It?

Every time government gets involved in our lives it takes a slice for itself. Bureaucrats create administrative oversight requirements (more government agencies and workers) and more data requirements to be reported back to these agencies. More overhead. And so big government was both a primary cause and a primary beneficiary of the system we have today.


Despite all the debate in DC and the media about the national healthcare crisis, the status quo serves all players except one — the public. The Beltway bloviates about affordability but ignores the basic question: Why does healthcare cost so much? Where are the initiatives to lower high healthcare costs?


As the healthcare segment grew, it became an increasingly important source of campaign contributions. In the 2016 election cycle in round numbers at least $500 million from healthcare and health insurance interests went into campaign coffers. A growing healthcare segment of our economy is a growing source of campaign contributions. An example of the quid pro quo was the ACA’s “risk corridors”. At the public’s expense, participating insurance companies were protected by government against financial losses. Insurance companies — experts at managing risk — pulled a fast one in managing their own risk by transferring it to big government (and more specifically, taxpayers).     Here….


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Simple, Offer Options

“Proposed law: “Notwithstanding any other provision of federal or state law, it shall be lawful to purchase or sell any health insurance product in the United States of America.”

Skip the repeal—so there’s nothing for leftist ruffians to protest—and just give the rest of us the option of escaping Obamacare to buy health insurance the same way we buy everything else. Only a free market can guarantee good products at good prices.”


“Instead of throwing off the shackles of these commissions and giving us a nationwide free market in health insurance, Obamacare imposed one enormous federal shackle.

As a result, “health insurance” under Obamacare isn’t insurance at all—it’s the government forcing us to pay for other people’s health care through ghastly insurance premiums, deductibles and co-pays in exchange for highly limited health insurance for ourselves.

Trump ought to be using the flaming wreckage of Obamacare to illustrate what’s wrong with all Soviet five-year plans. It could be as iconic as Reagan’s Berlin Wall speech. Teenagers would vote Republican for the next 70 years—80 or 90 years, if they could finally buy decent health insurance.”    Here….

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Legally Prescribed Welfare System

Hopes have been shot to hell of ever being able to afford regular health insurance, health reforms will never fix the mess the government has created.

“Likewise, requiring insurers to cover a wide range of conditions against which some subscribers do not wish to insure – indeed, against certain contingencies that cannot apply to them in any event (e.g., costs associated with pregnancy for male subscribers) – turns the insurance system into a complex system of overcharges and cross-subsidies, that is, turns the system into a legally prescribed welfare system rather than an insurance system.

Stop Calling It ‘Insurance’

Legislators will be reluctant to buck continued subsidies and privileges no matter how irrational these interventionist distortions are.

The federal government and the state governments have intervened haphazardly in the health-care insurance business so pervasively and for so long that by now the whole setup is nothing but a gigantic mess that flies in the face of the insurance principle and dictates a host of requirements that make no sense except as answers to the prayers of special-interest groups and rent seekers.

Once a net benefit has been created, however, each beneficiary group will scream to the heavens if reforms should threaten to remove its privilege, and legislators will be reluctant to buck such organized political insistence on continued subsidies and privileges no matter how irrational these interventionist distortions are as components of an insurance system.”   here.…via Maggies Farm

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Paying For The Happy Ending

That’s why reforming health care has become an impossibility. As soon as anyone makes any noises about fixing the system, the army of lobbyists, hired by every vested interest, shows up to bury the reformers. If they are not able to kill the idea of reform entirely, they set about corrupting it into another grift that their clients can use to get a free shot at your wallet. The only people not represented in these efforts are the voters. They get no say.    here…..

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Promises In The Dark

“I had nothing to do with that.”_ Obama regarding health insurance skyrocketing premiums

It was a flat out lie and he had everything to do with it. You don’t get to wash your hands of your signature law when it fails. These people face zero consequences for their actions, he will be out of office in a few months living off of his pension, speeches, with all of his healthcare paid for the rest of his life, along with his family.

The average Joe who doesn’t get coverage from his employer but makes over fifty grand can’t afford private insurance or Obamacare and gets penalized for not having it.

Now the asshat designer of Obamacare says their is nothing wrong with the law, they just need to make the penalties stiffer to force people to buy Obamacare regardless of the costs.

On Wednesday’s broadcast of “CNN Newsroom,” MIT Economics Professor and Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber argued that “The law is working as designed. However, it could work better. And I think probably the most important thing experts would agree on is that, we need a larger mandate penalty.”

 I can’t repeat this enough. A short rope and a tall tree will stop 100% of these idiots playing with our lives.

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Down But Not Out

I have been a little under the weather the last few days and posts have been kind of slow. I made it to work but don’t have a lot of energy after, and that is when I usually post. I have a bunch of stuff in the Rule 5 category, but after the terrorist attacks in Brussels, it just doesn’t seem appropriate for some reason.

We will see what tomorrow brings.

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Womens Health


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Mystic Gayness

“Every human being has either XX or XY chromosomes embedded in every cell of his or her body. That makes each of us biologically male or female, no matter how we feel about that fact. To believe otherwise is essentially a psychiatric disorder.” keep reading

My sentiments exactly.

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