Rats In The Cellar

The Washington machine has been ratcheted up to full power. Groups from both sides have converged with the main stream media to bring down a sitting president.

Trumps team is trying to play by the rules, they terminated Flynn, AG Sessions recuses himself, they do their best to appease the GOPe, all the while the “Machine” is taking these offerings and twisting them into a political weaponry. It’s past time trying to play fair, it’s time to get down and dirty. The swamp. aka the “Machine”, is a filthy corrupt extortion ring that has been pilfering the countries treasure for decades.

The government behemoth has no edges, it’s a circular being that absorbs scandals back into itself where people like Lois Lerner can walk away unscathed. I can’t think of one person who has been a part of a congressional investigation that has been removed from their position, lost their pension, publicly shamed and banished from ever working in government again, it just doesn’t happen. 

Trump is facing a deep state and media that’s not worried about repercussions. If you tell a lie enough times people begin to believe it.

 Wolf Blitzer whispers impeachment.
Rachel Maddow ponders impeachment
Anderson Cooper wonders why impeachment proceeding haven’t begun
Dem Congressman demands impeachment from the House floor
Jon McCain blurts out “Watergate” in reference to Trump
A Republican Congressman gets on board with impeachment talk

I wouldn’t say that Trump’s in over his head, I would say he is fighting an uphill battle. The amount of resources being brought to bear against him is enormous, his people may be savvy but the rats are clever, they are bringing body blows while Trump throws haymakers, problem is he’s not landing them. 

I hope he keeps fighting but he may want to re-think his strategy, you can’t fight fair when the other side has no issues with hitting below the belt.

This isn’t a smear campaign, this is an organized coup by the Washington machine that refuses to concede power to a political newbie like Trump.


Lest we forget, this is what the rats in Washington look like



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  • KHS71 says:

    Isn’t this treason punishable by death? Trump is a political outsider that owes nobody nothing. Used his own money for his campaign. I like Trump. I feel he is doing just fine. They are trying to oust a legally elected official by any means necessary. They are trying to overrule the will of the people who elected Trump. I am one of his supporters and see very much what is happening. Are we turning into a third world country run by non elected tyrants. The propaganda media has shown their true colors. Donald, we are still behind you. Please remember you still have many supporters.

  • Chris In NC says:

    These people are going to bat shit apoplectic when he is re-elected in a landslide. Then the crazy will get fun!

  • leeholsen says:

    You would think being a businessman in new York, he’d be used to dealing with the scum in DC(who are actually considering taking out the tax free advantage of 401k’s and still buy stocks based on legislation they pass).

    if I were him I would have dropped all the twitters of replying to useless journalists and been calling out the useless republicans that don’t vote for a wall or repealing obamacare and urge the trumpsters to primary them out in 2018.

  • Patrick Wilson says:

    There is no “fair” only fight to win. TD needs to keep being TD.

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