Still Insulting Fly Over Country

These people just don’t get it. This high minded nose in the air intellectual I’m better than you attitude is what cost them the election in the first place. It doesn’t get more insulting than this.     via Weasel Zippers

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  • Exile1981 says:

    Let me be clear we don’t want your kind moving to the country. Every time a rural area become infested with Liberals they take over the local politics, then bring in ‘diversity’ which ends up driving up taxes and causing violent crimes to soar. We don’t want you to import people without jobs or skills and then expect us to pay to support them so you can feel good about yourself.

    If I have to make do with less than fiber internet than I will if it means keeping people who want nothing better than to destroy my way of life and force me to accept their perversions and mental illnesses as normal

  • Frank says:

    As someone who lived in Silicon Valley for several decades, then escaped to that cherished “less urban lifestyle”, I’m the epitome of the person Byerley described. Except, she obviously doesn’t know us very well.

    My newly adopted town’s city council is nicely conservative and finds ways to lower our taxes while still improving infrastructure and quality of life. Yes, they actually do the things a city is chartered to do instead of promoting their personal ideology. In contrast, nearby is a highly progressive city where taxes continually increase, city-controlled utility rates are exorbitant and new, onerous regulations are the norm.

    When a major community project requires a public vote it is rare for a measure to fail. That’s because the city council members are responsible about what they propose and they don’t abuse their elected positions to promote a personal ideology. There’s that phrase again; “personal ideology.”

    My town has excellent schools, several of which were built in the past 10 years with even more being built. We even have fiber Internet; imagine that. What a bunch of hicks we must be!

    What we don’t have is an excess population of bigots like Byerley who deflects her obvious bias by blaming those she scorns for committing the very sins of which she is most guilty. She is the epitome of the self-proclaimed “best and brightest” who would “rather scrape by in SF” than deal with the realities of the real world. Somehow that doesn’t strike me as being so bright or the best way to live one’s life. Actually, and I know this from living amongst that breed for many years, it’s cowardly to demand a safe space where everyone meets your definition of “acceptable.”

    Stay in San Francisco, Ms. Byerley. You’ll be happy and those of us in flyover country will, too. Everyone wins. This is one time where getting a participation trophy will suit me just fine.

  • Mayberry says:

    Our little town here in Middle Tennessee has fiber optic internet. I would be glad to get rid of it if it would keep this bitch and her kind out.

  • Stacy0311 says:

    Dear Ms. Byerley,
    Fuck off. Fuck all the way off.

    A Texan who’s quite pleased with the diversity our state has attracted the past 8 years. As long as they remember that they’re in Texas now and not the progressive shithole they escaped from.

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