Hiding In Plain Sight

Huge workforce, let them earn their keep! Work or get cut off. You could build the wall for a fraction of the estimated idiots cost.


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  • cmblake6 says:

    Agreed with your idea. Want the check, do the work.

  • larryw says:

    Isn’t that the point? Hire US workers to do the job? We’re spending $12B+ per month on illegals, so the cost of the wall is, in relative terms, pocket change. But at that $12B/mo. burn rate, I’d rather hire a guy who’s qualified to do the work, get the job done faster and right, than an IT weenie who lost his job to Rajesh.

    And most of those out of the workforce would love to earn their keep (you see many of them working part time at the home center or corner market). They just want the chance. That’s why Trump won.

  • Dan says:

    While I agree with putting people to work building a FUNCTIONAL WALL requires skill and experience. 99.9% of those available to do the
    work lack the skills for the job.

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