I Know I Am But What Are You?

Imagine if you will that all of the things in Wolfes book were true about Trump, yet Trump has done more positive things for America in one year versus Obama’s eight. So Trump, with all of his limitations according to Wolfes book, is head and shoulders a better President than Obama. Who looks like a unintelligent, […]

What Would Andrew Do?

Watch to the end. “If you’re not with us you’re on the other side” (paraphrased), words Bannon may want to think about considering he is/was a part of Andrews name sake.  Fuck you Bannon.

New York and California’s #resistance apparatchiks aren’t rejecting the authority of Federal judges. They’re turning to them and relying on them. Instead they’re rejecting the authority of elected Federal officials. Their secession isn’t Federal, it’s democratic. They want a strong central government. They just aren’t willing to allow the American people to decide who gets […]

I may be getting my ass kicked trying to set up new theme on my site, but I can still post while I endure the frustration. California politicians continue you to be useful idiots, at least some are fighting back…..well played.found here