So Much News, So Little To Say

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And The Truth Will Set You Free…….

…..or send you to prison.tumblr_p3vmuzOShg1vbx6yro1_1280tumblr_p3vi96V4nL1vbx6yro1_1280 tumblr_p3x89xo7QO1vbx6yro1_1280tumblr_inline_p2lr07lUpm1rijtm2_540All images from here..

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Parades And Parasites

Enough with the parade talk. The loons are gonna ruin it, most people in fly over country could care less, they already love and respect what our military does. We don’t need bands and marching soldiers to remind us of their importance.

On the budget agreement, no DACA, that’s good. Military spending, if you could procure a hammer for under 50 bucks, that’s good. Open ended domestic spending for bullshit programs that do nothing for the good of the country…..that’s bad.

They keep saying medicaid, medicare, and social security are the items that need cutting. How about cutting welfare, planned parenthood, foreign aid to countries that hate us and even some that don’t, and worthless pork programs.

If the economy roars the revenue stream will come, keep the democrats filthy fingers off of it and you can cut into the deficit but it takes the guts and balls to do what’s necessary, this budget deal seems like not even Trump can say no to the liberal parasites and GOPe sucking the life out of this country.

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The Olympics

On the eve of the opening ceremonies in South Korea I thought I would share my thoughts on the Olympics.

Get rid of them.

I know, I know….the kids, all of the training, the patriotism, Russia vs. USA hockey!!!

Well, Lindsey Vonn says she is doing her shtick for the good old US of A but not for President Trump, don’t you think that’s kind of the same thing buttercup? Flaming butt boy figure skater Adam Rippon said he won’t be part of the opening ceremony involving VP Pence:

Last month, Rippon, who is one of two openly gay American Olympians at the Games, blasted the White House for tapping Pence to lead the official US delegation to the 2018 Winter Olympic opening ceremony.
“You mean Mike Pence, the same Mike Pence that funded gay conversion therapy?” Rippon said 
It seems like the Olympics have become a more of a liberal shit show than anything. Hell one of the greatest all-around athletes to perform in the Olympics, Bruce Jenner, has shed his man card for heels and estrogen, of course residing in LA  LA Land and living with the Kardashian brood probably sent him over the edge more than any feminine tinglings hes’ had, but I digress.
Politics has been part and parcel of the Olympics from the get go, the 1968 Black Power fist to show solidarity for whatever social justice problem seemed to irritate them at the time, (same issues, different era). The terrorist killings of Israeli athletes in 1972 at the Munich athletes was one of the worst moments in history, let alone being a part of the Olympics. There have been boycotts, women’s rights, bans, steroid use, partisan judges, and of course racial issues.
The entire history of the Olympics has been draped in political intrigue and an opportunity for various individuals/groups/nations to air their grievances. If  liberals and their identity politics have their way, you won’t know if it’s a man or a women competing because of tranny rights. At that point, what’s the point?
I say lets bypass that inevitable outcome and get out of the Olympics now, avoid the embarrassment, everybody gets to save some money and the kids can get on with their lives….now get off my lawn.

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That’s One Way To Put It

“But, proving Trump right that Americans are Dreamers Too, the conspiracy theorists and Magical Thinkers just kept pushing this narrative that the Steele Dossier was just minor piffle in the FISA Application, and that the Mystery Evidence That Someone Never Leaked was really the star of the show.

How do I say this?

Are you fucking stupid, bruv?

Have you been sipping on so much Democrat Dick you’ve become spunk-drunk?”


Good ole’ Ace

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Break It Down


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See How This Works


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Good Question: What Were The FISA Judges Thinking?

“But speaking of stupid, something else occurred that few are mentioning, but may be of more significance than anything. What were these FISA judges thinking who allowed for the surveillance?  They actually read the Steele dossier, one would assume. Were they imbeciles or as biased as McCabe, Strzok and the rest of that seedy FBI cabal? Whether they were told that document came from the Clinton campaign or not, it read like an outtake from the back pages of the National Enquirer — and not one of the good issues (John Edwards, etc.). The dossier was ludicrous on its face, yet the supposedly great legal minds of the FISA court accepted it as what appears to be the most important evidence for the case.”   here….

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How Damaging Is The Memo?

If you listen to the Democrats it’s a nothing burger, if you ask people in the know, somebodies going to jail. Starts at the 1:15 mark

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Subliminal Omissions

Yesterday on our local news, the anchor, in a quick nondescript way during his broadcast, mentioned that an FBI agent was quitting the agency because of White House attacks on the FBI. They got the story from an op-ed in the New York Times.

The common person wouldn’t think much of it but the subliminal message is, FBI Agent quits because Trump mean, agent applauded for courage by standing up for agency.

Ok, no big story there except……the FBI agent who wrote the op-ed was none other than Josh Campbell, former special assistant for.….James Comey.

By omitting the fact that the FBI agent who wrote the story could have a partisan bias they leave this thought with the viewer, Trump bad, FBI good. It took 15 seconds.

This is what they are doing……#war.

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